I am very pleased to present our C&L Group to you. C&L Group | C&L INT GmbH, headquartered in Aachen (Germany), is a leading company responsible for distribution, marketing, trading and global sourcing including technologies across sectors between two important continents: Europe and Asia.



Global Leading


Always standing in a global centre at the forefront for to satisfy partners and customers all around the world


Fair Trade


Fair prices for customers and the guarantee of high quality products go hand in hand




Strengthening and promoting the partner’s brand in domestic and national markets and working together towards one goal: creating a high value added



Overall service: development, production, marketing

Partial development and production


PL/PB (Private Label/Private Brand)



- Since trading and private brands in Europe have an average market share of 50%, with increasing tendency, they are a crucial business model.


- We offer support for the production, as well all-in-one solutions: ranging from the development of the product to a complete marketing service range.

source: plminternational.com


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and

ODM (Original Development & Design Manufacturing Business)



- Production for renowned European companies


- Profitable business based on the reputation of partners` brands


- Benefits generated through the combination of Asian manufacturing technology with European

  selling experience



Manufacturing and delivery

Concept of production and development of design


Production of prototypes and patterns, confirmation of the contract

Request from local European countries

Agreement based on exclusive partnership


Manufacturing and delivery


Production of prototypes and patterns, confirmation of the contract

Request from local European countries

Agreement based on exclusive partnership




Raw materials from all over the world are delivered directly from manufacturers to Europe.

Direct delivery and vending to the manufacturing industries in Germany and Europe and memberships in the industrial, business and trade association enable a good access.


- Sourcing of raw materials.

- Personal contact to the industrial manufacturing companies.

- Direct delivery and vending to the manufacturing industries in Europe.

- Our memberships of the industrial, business, and trade association enable an excellent access.




Development and distribution of NB in Europe and Asia






NB adaption

NB product



Analysis and



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    Ensuring business success through general merchandise management as well as regular and sustainable brand management


    Optimizing the marketing resources mobilized for each channel, goal-directed promotion and merchandising, facilitating an ideal positioning of the product


    Targeted adaption of products and distribution channels in domestic and regional markets, while considering the technical and linguistic requirements of each territory

    A fair and exclusive contract for NB products in order to grant a maximum range of brand operation, to strengthen the NB for fair trade and creating a win-win situation


    Sophisticated methods of market analysis for an ideal selection of educational and smart brands, that are perfectly adapted to the European market


Further Business Cooperations


We offer a variety of services, ranging from investments, development and consulting to distribution and logistic services.


Furthermore for a solution-driven master plan as the basis of a successful business, we offer:

- Cooperation with the agencies

- Individual consulting models




- NB, development

& distribution


- PL/PB Collaborations



- Technology sourcing

- Research & development

- Technical sales

- Distribution & logistics


C & L INT.


- Development department       & organic products


- Raw materials



C&L Office, Warehouses


Project & BD Manager


fon: +49(0)241 - 510023-33


Gilbert TH Choi

fon: +49(0)241 - 510023-21

Sales & Marketing Manager

Zu-Hyun Andreas

fon: +49(0)241 - 510023-38


An der Glashütte 8

52074 Aachen, Germany

Tel: +49 (0)241 510023 30

Contact by E-mail


We are looking for

  • Marketing & Sales | Mandatory Internship

    Marketing & Sales Mandatory internship

    for 6 months and longer for students

    from Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Netherlands, Hungary, Czech


    Marketing & Sales for B2B and B2C customers

    o Strengthening of existing businesses and to accredit new business partners

    o Carrying out market and price analysis and competition monitoring

    o Negotiations with new accounts

    o Placing offers and creating invoices via ERP System (Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 V10.0)

    o Processing of orders via ERP System (Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 V10.0)

    o Elaboration of sales strategies for various sales channels

    o Business plan

    o Creating professional presentations and statistics

    o Support of the team managers in the day-to-day business

    o Handling and processing of B2C business

    o Learning the usage of different market places (f.e. Amazon Seller- and Vendorcentral, Ebay, Wayfair, Rakuten,…)

    o Implementation and maintenance of market places

    o Review of possible supplier agreements

    o Possible participation in B2B meetings

    o Depending on the time of year, participation in an exhibition as a sales representative (f.e. Ambiente Frankfurt, IFA Berlin, …)

    o Translation of documents

    o And more


    LOGISTICS (land freight)

    o Creating delivery documents

    o B2B and B2C order preparation for deliveries within the EU

    o Support in the packing area

    o Learning to work with “Multi-ship” (f.e. UPS, DHL, …)



    o Participation and involvement in a growing company

    o Very practical internship position with opportunities for full-time employment

    o Full involvement in daily activities

    o Providing a rich and complete work experience

    o Getting to know different marketing and sales strategies

    o Experience in the fields of Marketing & Sales, Market analysis, Logistics and Back-End

    o Direct contact to major retailers (PAN-European players) and professionals

    o Experience in On-and Offline trade

    o Learning to work with ERP Systems (Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and JTL-WaWi)

    o Depending on the language skills, involvement in different countries

    o Very good working atmosphere with many international employees

    o Young and motivated international team

    o Experience to oversee own projects



    o Very good English or German knowledge (B2 or better)

    o Further foreign languages are welcome but not mandatory

    o Main spoken languages in the office are German, English and French


    Who are we looking for?

    o enrolled student with mandatory internship

    o experience in marketing, sales (online/offline) would be beneficial

    o experiences in the field of internet research would be advantageous

    o beginners accepted

    o Proficient user of MS Office applications Excel, PPT, Word and Windows 10

    o Technical affinity would be advantageous

    o Strong team and communication skills

    o Structured and independent operation

    o Responsibility and reliability

    o Strong service orientation and high commitment

    o Highly motivated and eager to learn

    o Driving license class B with driving experience is welcome

    o Willingness to travel


    Duration and beginning:

    o 6 months or longer

    o Beginning: from end of August / early September

    o Possibility for full-time employment after a successful internship


    C&L INT GmbH, head-quartered in Aachen (Germany), is a leading company responsible for distribution, marketing, trading and global sourcing including technology across all sectors between the two important continents: Europe and Asia.

    The main product categories are kitchenware, cosmetics and electronic devices.


    Our current staff consists of 17 people from different European countries as well as South Korea.


    Are you interested?

    Please send an email with following documents to:


    o Curriculum Vitae +Certificate of enrolment from university

    o Work or internship and language certificates if available

    o Other certificates, f.e. graduation certificate if available

    o Transcript of courses taken and its grades


    carrer(at)candlint.com  // www.candltrading.com




    Last update on : JULY.2020

  • Graphic Design | Mandatory Internship

    Who are we looking for?

    o Enrolled student with major in Design or relevant field

    o Experienced in graphic design using adobe CC and MS office

    o Experience in a photo studio and online website are welcome

    o Structured and independent way of working

    o Responsible, reliable, and highly motivated student



    o Min. six (6) months or longer


    Starting date:

    o Starting right now



    o Fluent in written and spoken English and / or German
    (Other languages are appreciated but not mandatory.)

    Field of activity:

    o Creation and edit of marketing materials like product presentations, catalogues, brochures, flyers, banners and promotion materials

    o Execute production of print, interactive, photography and video assets. Manage design assets and contribute to brand templates.

    o Creation of websites including concept, design content management, maintenance support

    o Cooperating with marketing team designing elements to ensure brand consistency.


    What do we offer?

    o Paid & very practically oriented internship

    o Chances for individual development

    o Working on marketing contents for international customers

    o Very good Woking at atmosphere with motivated international team

    o Improving your language skills due to the reason that English, German and French office languages

    o Possible participation in international exhibitions (on occasion


    Are you interested?

    Please send an email with following documents to:

    o Cover latter and CV

    o Certificate of enrolment

    o Design portfolio


    Mr. Andreas Jang

    career(at)ccandlint.com  |  www.candltrading.com

    Last update on : JULY.2020

  • Stellenausschreiben im Bereich Marketing & Sales und Logistik | Vollzeit

    Wen suchen wir?


    • Abgeschlossenes BWL Studium oder Ausbildung im Bereich Groß-, Einzel- oder Außenhandel
    • Erfahrungen in Marketing, Vertrieb (online / offline) und Logistik wären vorteilhaft
    • Erfahrungen im Bereich Internetrecherchen wären vorteilhaft
    • Erfahrungen mit ERP-Systemen wäre vorteilhaft
    • sichere EDV-Kenntnisse (MS-Office Anwendungen: Excel, PPT, Word)
    • ausgeprägte Team- und Kommunikationsfähigkeit
    • strukturierte und selbstständige Arbeitsweise
    • Verantwortungsbewusstsein und Zuverlässigkeit
    • ausgeprägte Serviceorientierung, hohes Engagement
    • sehr gutes Deutsch und Englisch in Wort und Schrift
    • Führerschein Klasse B mit Fahrerfahrung
    • Reisebereitschaft


    Ihre Aufgaben:


    Bereich Marketing & Sales für B2B und B2C Kunden

    • Akkreditieren von neuen Geschäftskunden und Kommunikation mit Bestandskunden
    • Erstellen von Angeboten und Rechnungen
    • Abwicklung von Bestellungen
    • Erstellung von Präsentationen und Statistiken
    • Durchführung von Markt- und Preisanalysen und Wettbewerbsbeobachtung
    • Unterstützung der Teams sowie der Bereichsleiter im Tagesgeschäft
    • Ausarbeitung von Vertriebsstrategien für verschiedene Vertriebskanäle
    • Handling und Abwicklung vom B2C Geschäft
    • Erlernen vom Umgang mit verschiedenen Marketplaces (f.e. Amazon, Ebay, Wayfair,…)
    • Implementierung und Artikelpflege auf Online-Marketplätzen
    • Ansprechpartner für Kundenservice
    • und mehr


    Bereich Logistik (Landfracht)

    • Erstellen von Lieferdokumenten
    • Unterstützung bei der Kommissionierung im Warenausgang für B2B Lieferungen
    • Unterstützung im B2C Versandbereich
    • Erlernen im Umgang mit „Multiship“ (f.e. UPS, DHL)
    • Stockmanagement


    Bereich Business Development

    • Sourcing und Kommunikation mit größtenteils herstellenden Unternehmen
    • Übersetzung von Dokumenten
    • Begleitung von Projekten bis zum Vertragsabschluss und darüber hinaus



    C&L INT GmbH mit Sitz in Aachen ist ein führendes Unternehmen im Bereich Handel, Distribution, Marketing und Sourcing, zwischen den zwei wichtigen Kontinenten: Europa und Asien. Angepasst an die verschiedenen kulturellen Hintergründe und Marktgegebenheiten garantieren wir die beste Betreuung und Abwicklung von Transaktionen. Direkte Kontakte mit dem Großteil des europäischen Einzelhandels und weiteren Vertriebskanälen in den sechs führenden Ländern Europas und Asiens, ermöglichen unseren Geschäftspartner einen leichten Einstieg neuer Marken und Produkte.



    • 12 Monate oder länger



    • ab 01.März oder 01.April


    Was bieten wir?

    • Erfahrung in den Gebieten: Marketing & Vertrieb, Logistik, Marktanalyse, und mehr
    • direkter Kontakt zum Lebensmitteleinzelhandel
      (Schwarz Gruppe, EDEKA, Kaufland, ALDI, Carrefour, Auchan, Coop, Interspar, Rewe, usw.)
    • Erfahrungen im offline/ online Handel
    • Knüpfen internationaler Kontakte
    • Umgang mit verschiedenen ERP und WaWi-Systemen (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, JTL)
    • je nach Sprachkenntnisse Mitwirken im Vertrieb für verschiedene Länder möglich
    • individuelle Entwicklungschancen
    • herausfordernde Aufgaben in einem innovationsfreudigen Unternehmen
    • Zusammenarbeit in einem internationalen und dynamischen Team
    • Office Sprache : Englisch, Deutsch
    • Geschäftsreisen (bei Gelegenheit)
    • Teilnahme an internationalen Messen als Verkaufsberater wären möglich
    • Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten in einem gesund wachsenden Unternehmen

    Bei Interesse, Bewerbungsunterlagen an:

    Bewerbungen bitte nur via E-Mail.

    Herr. Zu-Hyun Jang





    Last update on : JULY.2020

  • Designer | Full time

    Who are we looking for?

    BSc degree in Design or relevant field, and advanced knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, Social networks, Metrics apps and social media content creator apps.

    Very good use of all common programs of web development software and MS Office.

    Well-developed communication and team skills.

    Structured and independent way of working.

    Responsible, reliable and highly motivated professional.

    Hands on experience with promotion and marketing oriented to different types of brands. (e.g.: kitchenware, beauty, cosmetics, etc. )

    A self-organised working style and the ability to manage a large work-flow effectively.



    September 2020


    Language skills:

    Very good English skills, French and Spanish.

    Other languages are appreciated but not mandatory.


    Field of activity:

    Creation of websites including concept, design, content management, maintenance & tech support.

    Graphical implementation on websites.

    Creation and edit of marketing materials like product presentations, catalogues, brochures. Flyers, banners and promotion materials.

    Product design packaging and inlays, bar-codes, stickers, logos and pictogram.

    Dealing with influencer marketing and implementing social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies.

    Launch of community initiatives (e.g. building an online forum, launching an ambassador program, creating an event series and writing an email newsletter)

    Interpretation website traffic and online customer engagement metrics.


    What do we offer?

    Well-experienced team with a dynamic environment.

    Chances for individual development.

    Challenging tasks in an innovative company.

    Working on marketing content for international customers.

    Young and motivated international team.

    Improving your language skills.

    Possible participation in International exhibitions (on occasion)


    If you are interested, please send your application (CV, motivation letter and portfolio) to:

    Mr. Zu-Hyun Jang





    Last update on : JULY. 2020


An der Glashütte 8

52074 Aachen, Germany

Tel: +49 (0)241 510023 30

Contact by E-mail